We’re a young team based out of Chandigarh, creating products that have a flavour of our cities.

Frankly, a start-up is a crazy thing and you’ll have to be crazy too. You’ll have to get out of your comfort zone and do things you probably haven’t done before. Work hard to get things right and get the details perfect. Ultimately it is the passion that is going to keep you driving.

We are looking for self driven and self motivated folks! You need to be a team player. It is always alot of fun when everybody puts in their best!

If you love what we do and think you’ll be a great fit, write to us at contact@raahi.in
Share your resume/portfolio and let us how you’ll be the best to join the team.
Keep it brief, interesting and avoid clichés.



We are looking for creative people who have a great sense of taking inspiration from things around and putting their thoughts into creative artwork. People who think they know the city in and out and get hands on to make designs which stand out.

We believe in giving people the freedom to express themselves better through design.

You’ll need to research and hunt for ideas, observe what people like and do. Need to think from consumer’s perspective. Artists should easily be able to express their thoughts and ideas in their artwork.

There will be loads of planning, hours of brainstorming, disagreements, testing, feedback and ultimately finalizing the design. We are proud that it goes this way. It brings out the best within us.

  • Expert level proficiency in Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Excellent eye for details. You shouldn’t be satisfied until the work is just perfect.
  • Flair for creative thinking and execution.
  • Good observation to take inspiration from local things.
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