10 Things only people in Panjab University will understand

December 5, 2016

Chandigarh is incomplete without the mention of Panjab University. But only those who have studied here know the color it has added to their life.

Here’s a list of things that you will relate to if you’ve been to the Panjab University campus!

1.  DUG! DUG! DUG! DUG! DUG! sound everywhere…

To the left or to the right, a bullet everywhere is a must sight, because that’s the ROYAL flight!



2. You say ‘Stu-C Chaliye’ atleast once a day.

From Chai to Shakes, Burgers to Rajma Chawal, everything comes within our limited pocket money.





‘Aage dekh Speed breaker hai!!!’



Exam time and begins the endless saga of finding a place to sit in the library. Library Reading room is the buzz place during exams. Sitting on the floor? We don’t mind it.




Desperate times call for desperate measures….get a photocopy of everything around you.
Paper tomorrow, no notes, no books, no syllabus! The Xerox machine is your saviour!



We have the coolest election rallies of the region. Common people get to vote every 5 years, we vote every year.


Image source: Hindustan Times

Image source: Hindustan Times


You get to see the most expensive cars of the town just next you.
Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche… you name it, you get it!



8. DJ Party

Party all day! Party all day!
Election Won, Election Lost, Paper passed, Paper flunked, Lohri went by, Valentine upcoming. Whatever the case maybe, we need no reason for a DJ party. The open DJ parties are famous across all departments!



9. Girls riding Bullet

Why should boys have all the fun? Bullet is meant for boys? Think about it again.



10. Strike!

“Hai Hai …Hai Hai”
We just simply love to go on strike and it’s definitely the newspaper headline next day.