10 things only Chandigarhians can relate to

October 8, 2017

For an outsider there is the famous Sector 17, Rock Garden, the beautiful roundabouts and wide roads. But there are many things that only people who stayed here for long would relate to. Here is a list of things that Chandigarhians would relate to the most.

1. Short drive to the hills!

The hills are right there. Go for a quick drive with your friends and be back before that ‘ghar se phone’ comes.

2. Sukhna Lake

Lakes around the country don’t fancy you much because you have Sukhna Lake. Everytime someone shows you a water body (except the beaches of course) you wonder “Have you seen the lake at Chandigarh yet?”

3. Short distances

Everything here is just 15-20 mins away! In any other city, you just can’t get the idea of commuting for hours to get to work or hangout with friends.

4. We have cheap…wait for it…Alcohol!

Every hour is happy hour!

5. If you’ve moved to any other city, you can’t stop telling everyone about how planned Chandigarh is.

Pro Tip: Do not start a better city conversation with a Chandigarhian.

6. You long to drive through the green canopy of Chandigarh roads.

In case you’ve shifted to a metropolitan, you get sick of endless hordes of people, cars & concrete jungle around.

7. Gehri Route

You are the happiest driving slow with punjabi music and doing nothing! This route has given inspiration to lot of singers, lyricists and romantics!

8. The sudden Nakas give you nightmares

Chandigarh Police is always on a Challan spree.

9. Short Addresses

Probably, the world’s shortest addresses. #ABC, Sector XY-A, Chandigarh. Period.

You go crazy writing 5-6 lines long addresses for any other city.

10. Reading the news headlines at The Tribune’s building

Though you’ll never care to read the newspaper, you just have to read the maximum headlines in that fraction of a minute you have. Twisting your neck till those red headlines become invisible.

We all love Chandigarh! And we just can’t stop talking about it.

Happiness is being in Chandigarh. Isn’t it?